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Juliette Reilly

"Her music just speaks to your soul. She connects to what makes us human and it's refreshing to see a young artist who truly understands her target audience".  

The Odyssey

Juliette Reilly is a pop-timist through and through. Armed with empowering lyrics and expertly produced anthems, the independent singer/songwriter is steadily carving out a space for herself as one of the industry’s sunniest voices. Reilly’s career took flight when she won the SongDoor International Songwriting Contest with her debut single “Hero” in 2015. 


She attracted even more attention when “Battle Cry,” a moving song she wrote for a YouTube series, went viral. And the rising star continued making positive moves with future releases. Her equally poignant ballad “I Am” attracted the attention of both the Red Shoe Movement - an organization dedicated to raising awareness about domestic abuse – and Project Semicolon. 


The evocative piece served as a theme song for the organizations and gave Reilly an opportunity to tour early in her career. In 2016, her accompanying I Am EP charted on the Billboard Heatseekers and iTunes charts. Since then the philanthropically minded artist has written songs for similar groups and has had more luck charting on various iTunes charts with releases such as her 2018 collection My Virtual Escape. 


Her songs have been featured on shows such as MTV’s Teen Mom and ABC's General Hospital. Reilly now speaks directly to an audience that is almost 400,000 strong and includes more than 175,000 followers on her active YouTube channel. She’s prepared to take it to the next level with the release of her new EP Unsaid. 


Due in early 2021, the project follows 2019’s Love You Good Bye and emphasizes the creative and personal growth she’s undergone as she moves on from a breakup in the public eye and looks forward to the final years of her 20’s. “I moved to Nashville last year, and essentially the whole EP centers around my experience with that and finding my way and trying a bunch of different styles and collaborators,” the 27-year-old explained.


The end result is one of her most personal projects to date. “Since moving I feel like I’ve really come into my own. This stuff is the first music that I’ve written where I’m independent and single and in this new place physically. I just feel like there’s a lot more that I had to say throughout that time but I felt like I had to address the relationship. This is all-encompassing.”


The EP tells her personal story, but it is bound to resonate with fans (many of whom are between the ages of 13 and 18). Reilly strives to be a good role model for them and added that their relationship with her music is what keeps her going. “I’m always moved by their stories. It’s those things that encourage me and make me feel so emotionally invested in putting out music,” she said. “My fans are always in the back of my mind when I’m writing. So it affects the messages I’m sending and the way I want to communicate back to them. I’m excited for them to hear all of this.”

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