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Singer-Songwriter Juliette Reilly shares insights into how she has grown her YouTube audience to over 185,000 subscribers as an independent musician. Highlights and Takeaways: How she creates engagement with fans through her videos Strategies for growing her fanbase...


Brassy Broadcast

In addition, we are excited to have Juliette Reilly be a part of our vision and future. Juliette Reilly is an up-and-coming pop singer/songwriter with both country and folk influences from central Jersey. Ms. Reilly attended Muhlenberg College in the Lehigh Valley as a music major, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in May 2016. Juliette Reilly's new EP "I Am" released on December 31, 2016, debuted at #1 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart and #53 on the overall albums chart on iTunes. This year, performing her hit song "I AM" will be none other than Juliette Reilly. We were introduced to Juliette's music by Valentina Jotovic, CEO of Hunterdon Academy of the Arts in Flemington, NJ.



The event, the chapter’s annual charity fundraiser, will feature networking, shopping among local vendors, a delicious luncheon, and a red carpet fashion show to benefit charity partner SAFE in Hunterdon. The doors open at 10 a.m. for a vendor showcase and the luncheon and fashion show runs until 2 p.m. This year, performing her hit song “I Am” will be singer/songwriter Juliette Reilly.

Linda Quarticcio

The Red Shoe, LLC.

Her music just speaks to a person's soul and she just knows what most people are going through at this college age. It's nice to see an artist who truly understands her target audience. Her performance at our college campus was astounding.

Matt Montminy

Southern New Hampshire University

Juliette sings of love, of spiritual growth, and the knowledge of getting beaten down or belittled by those who you thought you could trust, and being able to move on from there. Her EP's "Battle Cry" and the recently released "I Am" encompass those very elements. Aside from her music, Juliette takes to twitter and expresses a love for her fans and their well being, going as far as to stream and play songs for her fans, or even call them, and respond to them on social media.

Amber Khan

The Odessey

Juliette getting to #1 on the singer/songwriter charts on the first day of her release with "I Am" just shows how marketable she is and how widespread her reach is. Juliette is the real deal. That's just a fact. 'I Am' is a collection of five perfect pop songs, beautifully written and produced. And she sings the crap out of them

Jeff Talbot

Acclaimed Songwriter

Juliette's new EP 'Battle Cry' showcases where she is at in her songwriting at this moment. Debuting at #7 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts proves she is doing something right with her fans. She is a force to be reckoned with

Greg Brunswick

Sh-K-Boom Ghostlight Records, Vice President

Our judges all commented on the powerful message in this song ['Hero']" says SongDoor president Tony Zotta. “It’s emotional but musically so accessible. Juliette is a very talented woman who is clearly on her way.


Songdoor International Songwriting Contest Winner

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